Redesigning Layouts to Embrace the New FMP10 Interface

This workshop provides hands-on opportunity to apply suggested tactics for embracing the new user interface. Whether you think it boon or bane, incorporating the modernized Status Toolbar (formerly Status Area) requires new thinking about layout design and user interaction options. Its re-location and newly available buttons and features change the rules, especially when upgrading existing solutions or in cross-version deployments.

What You Will Learn:
• Tactics for adapting existing solutions to the new screen form factor
• How to apply Autoresize to layout objects for maximum advantage with minimum fuss
• Ways to design for cross-version deployment
• Leverage the Find and Saved Finds functions/features

Presented at the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference
Session WOR14: Bridging UI Differences: Redesigning Layouts To Embrace The New Interface

Single Download of Slides and Handouts

consisting of:
Session description from conference Program

Slide deck as PDF file
Slide deck as PowerPoint slideshow
Demo file (Zip)

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