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‘Ace of Charts’ Webinar Series

The Art and Science of adding dynamic data visualization (charts, graphs and indicators) to your FileMaker Pro solutions

Best for...
  • In-house developers* responding to management's requests
  • Independent developers* wishing to provide additional functionality
  • Anyone* who currently exports to any other application for charting

    *attendees should be comfortable with editing FileMaker Pro layouts, creating calculation formulas, and relating table occurrences

Course Length & Price

Sessions are regularly scheduled and run 75 minutes in length (+10 minutes Q&A); registration is $75 each.

Attend individual sessions, or complete the entire webinar series

Session #1 – Foundation & Overview go to detail page
Session #2 – FileMaker-Native Graphs go to detail page
Session #3 – Using Web Technologies go to detail page
Session #4 – Using Charting Plug-ins go to detail page

Classroom Location

“Let’s meet online!”

Webinar Series Description

This course reveals the Art and Science of adding data visualization to FileMaker Pro solutions. By participating in a live web conference meeting, attendees learn how to produce accurate, attractive graphs using various current charting technologies.

The webinar series consists of four session, each designed to stand on its own and yet contribute a particular topic to the larger whole. Sessions may be attended in any order, although starting with Session #1 is recommended. Each session is comprised of 75 minutes of live presentation and interaction, followed by a 10-minute Q & A period. To facilitate excellent instructor-student communication, sessions are limited to 15 attendees.”

Course Content

The topics covered in this webinar series:

Approaches to Charting in FileMaker Pro

Four different methods are commonly used for visualizing data in FileMaker, providing deployment options appropriate for any organization. The capabilities and constraints of each approach will be explained.

  • The built-in chart layout object introduced in FileMaker Pro 11
  • Plug-ins and container fields (e.g. xmCHART from x2max, 360Works Chart)
  • The Web Viewer and HTML/Flash/CSS/JavaScript (e.g. FusionCharts, Maani, Google Charts API)
  • FileMaker non-chart indicator methods (merge variables, conditional formatting, repeating fields) that still have a place in providing visual information and feedback (especially useful for dashboards)
Charting Fundamentals
  • Visualizing the seven primary types of data relationships:
    • - Ranking comparison (ordered by size or quantity)
    • - Categorical/Nominal comparison (no inherent order)
    • - Time series, Ordered intervals (contiguous X-axis values)
    • - Proportion of the Whole (contribution/composition)
    • - Variance/Deviation (to goal, history or other reference value)
    • - Distribution (frequency, range, concentration)
    • - Correlation (causation, dependent variable, pattern echo)
  • Choosing the right chart type for the data
  • Chart parts & usage tips
Preparing FileMaker Pro for Chart Integration
  • Normalizing Data
  • Schema: recommended fields and relationships
  • Creating Groups & Summaries
  • Cross-tab Reporting
Implementation Methods
Best Practices
  • Building for Reusability
  • Designing for Interaction
Additional Resources Provided via Download
  • Working example files that you can adapt for your own solutions
  • Good Charting Habits
  • Deployment Checklist
  • Links to other design resources


Lee Lukehart is a veteran FileMaker trainer and has earned every developer certification that FileMaker has offered (16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7). He authored the popular white paper on FileMaker Pro Charting and the TechNet webinar on advanced charting techniques. His students appreciate his attentive manner and patience in the classroom, and they say his responsive training style makes learning new skills fast and fun.

And on a good day he can make a trend line with only 1 data point. ;-)