Got needs? Get Savvy!

We pledge the utmost care and commitment to every client we engage. Here's what you can expect about how we will work together.

The SavvyData Client Relationship

Our actions and demonstrated accountability speak volumes about our values. We take interest in and focus on adding value to you, our valued client. We will communicate suggestions and constructive feedback, functioning as a Trusted Advisor.

Within our project-based software development model, SavvyData can provide varying depths of services tailored to meet your preference and work style. If you have new business needs but lack technology solutions to support them, SavvyData can provide prototyping and concept development. If your solutions are under current development and you need additional technology expertise, we can collaborate with your team. If you need a partner for maintenance, reengineering and support of your installed legacy solutions. SavvyData is still very likely your right choice.

SavvyData's hard- and smart-working team members make a point of communicating early and often, at the start of an engagement and regularly throughout the development lifecycle. We endeavor to quantify known risk areas in advance — not because we are risk averse, but because we are realists who prefer to be prepared. Because information loses value over time, we insist on providing frequent status updates.

We believe our deep business domain knowledge, technology expertise and track record of prior success will inspire your confidence. Please feel free to contact us at any time for answers to your questions, or to discuss whatever is on your mind.