Got ideas? Get Savvy!

If things are humming along smoothly for you, is now the time to take it to the next level? Life is change. The SavvyData team is terrific at finding ways you can enhance, streamline, and super-charge your data-driven life. Contact us to explore how we can make this happen for you and your organization.

Got problems? Get Savvy!

Missing opportunities? Events, activities, or processes not flowing as desired? Out of touch with your reality? The solution often is better and more timely information. The solution may be easier than you think, and pays for itself in very short order. Contact us for a free phone consultation.

Custom Development Services

Smart Systems...

Hightly effective but fun to use! We discover our clients’ specific real needs, then design intelligent and user-friendly implementations using the best applicable technologies—all delivered within budget and schedule spec. The data management and charting solutions we create can do seriously heavy lifting, with designs based upon sound computer-human interface principles.

Connect and Leverage Data...

Networked data is more powerful. Make your database more informed by linking with other data sources, whether they be your own, another department's, or on the corporate mainframe. Or transform your data's quality and capabilities with Web Services. Verify mailing addresses, obtain demographics, or send text messaging... these are but a few of the functions we can provide via external sources.

Using Visualizations...

This isn't merely a fancy name for charting—and it's much more than just pretty graphics on a dashboard. To us, the purpose of data visualization (aka datavis) is "to communicate information clearly and effectively for the purpose of decision support." Think of it as graphical data analysis with a bias for doing something with that new knowledge. So our focus here is to build solutions that allow you to easily understand and interpret the data to spot exceptions and identify trends.

...for Organizations

The SavvyData team includes expert advisors on departmental (5 to 250 people) workflow & process improvement. Our business analyst skills will quickly uncover causes of pain and disharmony, and we can prescribe remedies that may be applied in timely and cost-effective ways.

...for Individuals

We excel at helping you clarify and target your key objectives, and plan out a roadmap on how to achieve them. And, as they say in oh-so-many commercials: we're nice people, too. :-)

...for Developers

We're part über-geek, and so we also craft tools and time-saving techniques that other developers find useful. Some of these we offer freely to our dev community in the spirit of those who helped us along the way. We're not even close to knowing 2% of everything, but we have been around long enough to pack a pretty nifty bag of know-how. Some of our acumen was acquired via amazing feats of inspired concentration and long hours away from loved ones. So we plan to package portions of our distilled wisdom into toolkits and offer them for sale for a small fraction of their value. Stay tuned; stop by periodically to read our blog or follow us on Twitter.