Got a pulse? Be Savvy!

Everyone has their own personal perspective on the world.

SavvyData Philosophy

We have a philosophy about how we approach business, the pursuit of happiness, and life in general.

As you may know, expanding one's business is not a process to be trifled with. Neither is the expression of one's beliefs and credos, which are the foundation of trust and reliability in business and personal relationships. So if you don't already know me, I hope you'll forgive my straining our introduction with what may seem as lofty promises.

Let me explain why SavvyData—or more accurately, all the people representing SavvyData with whom you'll have contact—are trustworthy, talented, and terrific enough for you to risk doing business with. Speaking for myself and a small cadre of trusted professionals: we can address your real business needs with our own considerable business savvy that we've accrued through years of direct experience in sales, marketing, production, operations, and staff & executive management — along with the technical savvy we command and continuously refresh.

If you have any questions about our process, practices, or where we stand on any issue, please feel free to connect with me personally, via lee (at) savvydata (dot) com or 650.868.0882 (my mobile #).

With kind regards until we speak,

Lee Lukehart, SavvyData Founder